We always approach each project individually with due diligence.

We will offer you an aesthetic label, a wide range of colors, the best formula and a brush for comfortable application.

Do you want to create your own brand, but you do not have an idea for a logo?

Nothing is lost! We will create them for you together with our specialists!

Regardless of which part of the world you are located in, we will prepare an unique offer that suits
you best.

private label buteleczki

We are a producer of gel polishes and other nail products. We offer private label creations for our clients. We will create a brand for you from basics. The range of our products is very wide, from primers and gel polishes, through bases and building gels, to paint gels and tops.

Our components are carefully selected to ensure the best pigmentation and durability. The formulas were developed and tested until we were able to obtain the perfect products that are easy to work with. In addition, we offer product lines without the hema and di-hema components. These are potentially allergenic ingredients, so they will work well even for people who, due to allergies, had to give up hybrid manicure. All products offered by our company exist in the "Hema Free" variant and we can also create such a brand especially for you.

To register in our online store, you must create an account by providing us with your first and last name, e-mail address and set a password. Then by sending us an e-mail with your company details. After receipt and verification, we will begin activating your account so that you can make purchases on our website. Remember that this is a shop for customers who want to create their own line of nail products - we do not sell retail.

The minimum order value in the EU is 2000 € with a minimum quantity of a single product of 24 items.
The minimum order value outside the EU is 10,000 € with a minimum quantity of a single product of 96 items.
The fulfillment of the above conditions is necessary to accept the order for execution.

After registering and activating your account, you can place orders. Ordering via the online store is the first step to finalization. In the online store, shipping and costs are not included. They are calculated based on order quantity and country distance. After everything is calculated, we will send you a proforma invoice with the total amount to be paid for the shipment.

It is possible to order product samples before the first order.

Don't have your own logo yet? Don't worry, we'll create them for you! Together, we will determine the style of creation to suit your business. The same goes for the labels. We will inform you what information is necessary to make the product ready for sale and in accordance with generally accepted standards. Then we determine together what material the label should be made of - metallization, mat or maybe satin? After accepting the project, we will prepare a quote for an individual label depending on the material from which it is made.

Our products are manufactured in Poland and comply with European Union standards. The products are safe for use, non-toxic, vegan and made respecting animals (cruelty free). The Hema Free line additionally reduces the risk of allergy. We prepare the relevant documentation There are two methods of preparing the documentation:

1.) free - we provide the necessary documents included in the project preparation price. This method takes into account that our company is listed as the manufacturer on the packaging.

2.) payable - we make it possible for you to appear on the label as a producer. The fee applies to a particular product category, e.g. all Hema Free varnishes. At the negotiation stage, we will prepare a quotation for the documentation for you.

We offer many types of bottles and jars so that the final product is as personalized as possible and suits your style. If none of the given packages suit you, we can offer you other packages. If other packaging is selected, the minimum number of products is 15,000 bottles / jars.

Production time depends on the types and quantities of selected products. The first order is the most time-consuming because it involves creating the brand from the very beginning.

The fastest shipping takes about a week for European Union countries. We offer different shipping methods depending on the size of your order. We will offer you the most economical solution.

We accept the project from implementation to full payment for the order. Payment can be made using:
- bank transfer
- PayPal
We take into account an additional 3.5% commission when paying via the PayPal platform.
We encourage you to make traditional transfers.

If the information provided by us is insufficient and you have any more questions for us, please contact us. Consultation is free and without obligation.

Trust the experts!

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