Who we are?

We are the owners of Vasco Nails, which specializes in production and in the sale of hybrid nail

Since the Vasco Nails company was founded, our entire team has gained experience, thanks to which today we know
what creating a brand from scratch looks like.

We decided to go a step further in our activities and focus on creating what we do best.

Now we will create hybrid varnishes also for you!

We will create an unique brand completely from scratch. We will try our best to meet your

Sounds like a dream? You can fulfill them with us!

We have the knowledge and skills necessary to create a brand of nail polishes from the beginning to the end.

Under your label we will crate:

private label lakiery hybrydowe



private label topy


private label zel


Are you interested in cooperation?

Trust the experts!

private label zel
private label zel

Vasco Nails has been cooperating with renowned nail masters and instructors since many years.

Thanks to these cooperation, we are able to create a product perfect not only for nail stylists, but also individual consumers

We know what parameters a hybrid varnish should have

We want to share this knowledge with you, creating a completely new brand of varnishes for you.

We produce and pour our varnishes in Poland, thanks to which we are able to fully control the entire production process.

When creating each product, we take care of the smallest details, because we know the imporatnce it brings to final results.

The satisfaction of customers is our priority, therefore we approach the client’s needs individually, always proposing the best solution.

Nails are our passion, so we are ready to implement any idea! 

private label zel
private label zel

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private label wlasna marka lakierow do paznokci
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